Vendor Managed Inventory

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A Cost Effective Way To Manage Your Inventory


A vendor managed inventory program relieves your internal staff and, if executed properly, results
in a more streamlined inventory management system. Since its inception, Progressive has been a
pioneer in developing vendor managed inventory programs that do just that. The key advantages
of a Progressive’s VMI Packaging Programs include:

‌• Redeployment of your internal staff to other, more strategically important assignments
‌• Cost reduction, extremely fast resolution to unexpected needs, and detailed forecasting
‌• Reduction of on-hand inventory, eliminate out-of-stock events and improve production rates
‌• Release square footage for more value-added production processes and equipment
‌• Packaging experts developing tailor-made strategies focused on continuous improvement
‌• Reduced working capital, JIT deliveries, Offsite emergency stock available within 60 minutes
‌• Virtually eliminate inbound packaging waste from the manufacturing area and improve quality control


Our customers routinely use our VMI and Kitting Services to support "Lean" initiatives, taking unnecessary steps out of their factory-floor process.

Progressive VMI



Progressive Packaging is the Answer

Progressive Packaging uses cutting edge technology to produce custom packaging for your specific needs. Our quick turn-around times, combined with our warehousing capabilities and excellent customer service separates us from the rest!

We design and make custom folding cartons, design and manufacture custom packaging, blister cartons and counter-top displays, retail packaging, electronic packaging and much more. We use a wide range of paperboard to meet your unique packaging needs. Specific services we provide include Printing, Die Cutting, Gluing, Warehousing and Storage, Drop Shipments, Just In Time and more!

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