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At Progressive Packaging, we always look ahead and anticipate all the critical features that must be built into any medical device packaging design. There’s no industry where this is more important than healthcare. With timing being critical, we design medical packaging that allows healthcare professionals to focus on their most important mission, the patient’s needs.


Our medical device packaging products include: medical trays, SafeEdge trays, blisters, and clamshells, all designed for a wide range of medical applications. Our solutions feature superior functionality, easy–opening features, product visibility, and quality, Progressive Packaging is the manufacturer of choice for the best designed and most reliable medical packaging available!


    As a commitment to our world-class quality standards, we provide ISO Class 8 (Class 100,000) Clean Room facilities for our medical packaging program. Designed specifically to serve the needs of our medical and pharmaceutical industry partners, it’s equipped with standard clean room features including a positive pressure HVAC system supported by HEPA filtration. Unique features also include:


    Custom-designed material handling system to reduce particulate matter.

    Proprietary trimming process allowing for the cleanest trim in the thermoforming industry.

    Highly experienced staff of thermoforming experts and technicians in medical thermoforming expertise.


    Core Medical Packaging Capabilities
    ISO 9001: 2000 Certified 
    GMP procedures 
    Clean room facilities 
    100% traceability SafeEdge Trays 
    State-of-the-art clean trim procedures—matched metal and steel rule die 
    High volume production runs or low volume runs for test markets 
    Industry leading quality specifications


    We also specialize in thermoforming implantable medical device trays, surgical kit trays, orthopedic packaging, surgical tool trays, unit dose packaging, diabetes test kits, and material handling trays.

Progressive Packaging is the Answer

Progressive Packaging uses cutting edge technology to produce custom packaging for your specific needs. Our quick turn-around times, combined with our warehousing capabilities and excellent customer service separates us from the rest!

We design and make custom folding cartons, design and manufacture custom packaging, blister cartons and counter-top displays, retail packaging, electronic packaging and much more. We use a wide range of paperboard to meet your unique packaging needs. Specific services we provide include Printing, Die Cutting, Gluing, Warehousing and Storage, Drop Shipments, Just In Time and more!

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