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Our structural designers can create a box specific to your needs. Whether you are looking for something small or extremely large, we can develop what you need. We produce everything from bulk bins and multi-compartment shipping boxes to assembled partitions, pads and trays.

Our die-cutting capabilities make your options endless.

We can provide you with pre-production samples using our CAD systems and specialty cutting table. Our printer provides graphics to help you conceptualize what the finished product will look like.


Board Grade Options 
The bottom of the box carries a seal, the Box Manufacturer’s Certificate (BMC). It indicates the strength of the board and the weight limit.

The strength of corrugated board defines how much weight a box can withstand, and is determined based on a strength test.


There are two recognized tests:

  1. Burst Test/Mullen Test - This measures the pounds per square inch needed to rupture the board from internal or external forces.

  2. The Edge Crush Test (ECT) - This measures the top and bottom compression of the corrugated board. This is a primary factor in predicting the compression strength of a completed box. The higher the number, the stronger the box.

We have over 800 sizes and styles of cartons in our warehouse that we sell as "Stock boxes." These cartons are in stock and ready for shipment 99.9% of the time. If a box happens to be out of stock due to increased sales, we will normally have that item manufactured and restocked in 1 to 3 days. And with our On-Time Program, we deliver these stock boxes to your doorstep!


Lightweight, yet strong, a great combination for your next container or packaging requirement. Corrugated plastic is a reusable material that is attractive, durable and cost-effective. In addition to stock/standard products, we welcome design challenges to help you create a unique item.

Corrugated plastic is an extruded material similar in appearance to corrugated paper. Both upper and lower surfaces are supported by fluted ribs. Several thicknesses are available, from light pliable sheet to heavy duty stiff “boards”.

Fluted plastic sheet offers several advantages over corrugated paper, solid plastic sheet, and other sheet materials. It is lightweight, yet tough and abrasion resistant. Polypropylene has excellent chemical resistance and is unaffected by water.

There are many standard products made from fluted plastic, but uses are limited only by the imagination of the designer.

Progressive Packaging is the Answer

Progressive Packaging uses cutting edge technology to produce custom packaging for your specific needs. Our quick turn-around times, combined with our warehousing capabilities and excellent customer service separates us from the rest!

We design and make custom folding cartons, design and manufacture custom packaging, blister cartons and counter-top displays, retail packaging, electronic packaging and much more. We use a wide range of paperboard to meet your unique packaging needs. Specific services we provide include Printing, Die Cutting, Gluing, Warehousing and Storage, Drop Shipments, Just In Time and more!

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