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High Quality Printed & Marketing Materials

At Progressive, we know that print products are the cornerstone of your success. Whether that product is printed packaging, catalog layouts, brochures, photographic materials, holographs, POP displays, signs, flyers, business cards, or presentation materials - quality prints are your first and last impression!

We work with clients who know exactly what they want, and other clients who would prefer to rely on our experienced design team. Either way, we work with you and for you to design as much, or as little of your product as needed.

Looking for a new and unique way to get people to look at your ad, POP display, package or direct-mail piece? Holographic print may be the answer.

With hundreds of pre-laser designs available for printing on and the option of converting your photoshop design into a laser-holographic base for printing, Progressive Packaging can bring the dream of holographic printing to reality.

If you would like to learn how to stand out and get a head start on your competition, holographic printing is where it's at. If you are looking for security, there's no better way than incorporating holographic technology. Our holograms integrate into the printing and packaging process seamlessly and can be used by software manufacturers, passport producers, creators of brand name products, credit card companies and many others.

If you need a solution to protect your company and your customers from inferior imitators, look to Progressive Packaging to deliver your customized holograms, BETTER, FASTER AND AT A LOWER COST while meeting all your security needs!

Commercial Printing 
We print for large and small jobs. Turn to commercial printing when desktop printing isn’t enough. Commercial printing includes traditional offset printing as well as digital printing. A successful commercial printing job begins with making sure you are well versed in how to prepare your files. See our prepress page for details to prepare for your commercial printing job.


Stand out with Raised Print. Thermography is a process which results in raised print. In Thermography, ink that has gone through the press and is still wet is dusted with fusing powder and heated to produce raised or embossed print. Thermography is sometimes referred to as poor man's engraving because the effect it creates is similar to engraving.

Offset Printing 
Cost Effective for Large Jobs. For larger print runs, offset printing remains your best choice. Offset printing produces sharp clean images and type. For in-house offset printing, we use a combination of computer-to-plate technology and film to produce the best possible offset printing detail and quality. Ask us about warehousing and order fulfillment for your printing jobs.


Digital Printing 
Powerful Technology for Smaller Jobs. Digital printing saves time and money on short-run spot and process color jobs. Why put your small job on press when you don't have to? Try digital printing. For digital printing, we use state-of-the-art production color and B&W digital printing machines from Xerox and Canon. Fantastic press-quality results are achieved on almost any paper or card stock when printing directly from your digital files.

Progressive Packaging is the Answer

Progressive Packaging uses cutting edge technology to produce custom packaging for your specific needs. Our quick turn-around times, combined with our warehousing capabilities and excellent customer service separates us from the rest!

We design and make custom folding cartons, design and manufacture custom packaging, blister cartons and counter-top displays, retail packaging, electronic packaging and much more. We use a wide range of paperboard to meet your unique packaging needs. Specific services we provide include Printing, Die Cutting, Gluing, Warehousing and Storage, Drop Shipments, Just In Time and more!

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