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At Progressive Packaging, we only know one way to protect your product - the right way!


Working Together Pursuing Excellence

At Progressive Packaging, we utilize an "integrated teamwork" style. Our efforts are characterized by a high degree of collaborative working in which there is stability and predictability.

When you are in a "crisis mode" and you need an immediate solution, integrated teamwork is critical. We believe our best work happens when each professional member of our staff is assigned to a particular zone." We use a triage approach to address your urgent needs first!

We realize that, on occasions, everyone gets in a "packaging crunch." You need your products out the door TODAY, not next week! The structure of our integrated teams allows immediate assessment, monitoring and evaluation of your packaging needs.

The underpinning of integrated teamwork is the openness of communication between team members who have a high level of understanding about each member's abilities and potential contributions to each project.

With integrated teamwork, the client enjoys the added advantage of having not one, not two, but EVERY PERSON on QC/QA. With everyone's eyes on quality assurance, every part we is guaranteed to be designed, built fulfilled and shipped to perfection!

The result? Continuity, consistency, reduction of ambiguity, appropriate and timely referral to the top tier when necessary which results in your product out the door - on time, every time!


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